RyanTailor`s 720 - Somewhere in Miami

Head: CATWA Victor

Body: [Signature] Gianni Body

Skin: Not Found - Julian Skin **NEW**Thx <3 @Sense Event SL

Hairbase: L'Etre - Sided hairbase [Light]

Hair: Volthair. Aiden Hair **NEW**Thx <3 @Man Cave Event

Ears: [MANDALA] STRETCHED Ears Season2 **NEW**NEW**

Eyes: Go&See * Galaxy * Catwa Eyes

Tattoo: DAPPA - Supreme Tattoo.

Glasses: NEXOR - Bad Vibe Shadez **NEW**NEW** @The Men Jail Event

Necklace: DogTag - comes with the Tank

Shirt: <Kalback> Basic Tank M2 **NEW**Thx <3 @Man Cave Event

Shorts: Xenials - HennyC Anywhere ((comes soon for Signature Body)) **NEW**Thx <3 @Equal10 Event

Shoes: EQUAL - Caleb Sadals **NEW**NEW** @Equal10 Event

Urinal: Quasi - KungFuGrip Urinal

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