RyanTailor`s 604 - Take me with you

Items on Ryan

Head: CATWA Head Daniel

Body: [Signature] Gianni

Shape: AG. - Connor **New**Thx<3** @MOM

Skin: AG. - Connor Skin  **New**Thx<3** @MOM

Eyes: AG. Natural Eyes **New**Thx<3** @Shiny Shabby Hair: Barber Shop / David **New**Thx<3** @MOM

Facialhair: Volkstone - Ross [Goatee+Facial Hair+Tint] **New**Thx<3** @MOM

Tattoo: TattooMania - T28 **New**Thx<3** @MOM

Necklace: -SECRETS- Hook Necklace **New**Thx<3** @MOM

Shirt: Meva - Liam Shirt Grey **New**Thx<3** @MOM

Pants: Meva - Liam Jeans Blue 1 **New**Thx<3** @MOM

Shoes: Meva - Liam Slipper **New**Thx<3** @MOM

Decoration Items

Skybox: Onsu ~ "Grapefruit" Skybox

Bed: Chez Moi - Spooky Bed (Adult) **New**Thx<3**  @On9

String lights: Apple Fall -  Pumpkin String Lights - Gift arround the Shop!!

Ghost: Apple Fall - Sheet Ghost - Gift arround the Shop!!

Wall Silhouette 1: Bee Designs - Halloween Silhouettes Gacha 4 **New**Thx<3**  @On9

Wall Silhouette 2: Bee Designs - Halloween Silhouettes Gacha 2 RARE **New**Thx<3**  @On9

Wreath: [Cb] Fall Wreath **New**Thx<3**  @On9

Ladder: [Cb] Decor Ladder Gray **New**Thx<3**  @On9

Letters: [Cb] F A L L letters for ladder (4 pieces) **New**Thx<3**  @On9

Frame w. Prints: [Cb] Country Frame with Prints - Gray **New**Thx<3**  @On9

Bench: [Cb] Country Settee - Gray **New**Thx<3**  @On9

Leaves on Ground: TB Maison "Autumn" Leaves **New**Thx<3**  @On9

Curtain: Bazar - Toronto- Living room curtain 

Stool with 8 Poses: {QP} - Male Stool Pose Set **New**Thx<3**  @On9