**NEWS** The Boys Of Summer 2016 **NEWS**

The Boys of Summer 2016

[July 11, 2016]

Teleport  (open on the 12th!!!)

Event Details:

The Boys of Summer is a Depraved Nation Fair centered around mens appearance, fashion, accessories and this year we will welcome furniture / decor!
This fair will have a very basic summer theme, and of course, be centered around men. Participating brands will be given a shop space to display their store content in, all content must be related to or designed for the Male Avatar.

Here are the event details:
¤ Event will run from July 16 – 31, 2016
¤ There is no pricing limitation or discount required
¤ Only men’s items will be allowed to be displayed at this event. That may include skins, hair, clothing, accessories, or anything that will alter or enhance the avatars appearance or furniture / decor. >> Unisex items should be marketed toward men…i.e, displays / vendor pics <<