RyanTailor`s #342 - Feels like home

Items on this Picture:

Bed & Sidetable: Serenity Style - Always Kiss Me Set @On9 **New**Thx♥

Puf: Serenity Style - Gheos Lazy Set **New**Thx♥

Hand Lamp: found on Marketplace

Items on this Picture above:

Shelf: Garbaggio // Shoe Shelf (Empty) **NEW** @The Arcade Gacha

Box: Scarlet Creative - Greenwich Trunk Mid **NEW** @The Arcade Gacha

Weel, Room Divider, Mannequin: Serenity Style - Dizzie Set - @MESH AVENUE **New**Thx♥

Phone: 18 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Off the Hook **NEW** @The Arcade Gacha

Chair: Scarlet Creative - Greenwich Chaise Lounge **NEW** @The Arcade Gacha

Decorative Ladder: Serenity Style - The Ancient Ladder **NEW**  @Flux Sur Mer.

Items on this Picture above:

Fancy Decor Frames,Chair Bench @Collabor88 Sept Pack **NEW**Thx♥

Comode: Serenity Style - Dyana Drawers **NEW**Thx♥ @ VINTAGE AND COOL FAIR '15

Items on this Picture above:
Lamp: Serenity Style - Gheos Lazy Light **New**Thx♥
Table w. Decoration: Sway's [Basketball] Wall table & Bar Stool **New**
Camera on left Bar Stool: Serenity Style - Divine Flash Camera

                           Wall Palett: floorplan. hello pallet

Items on this Picture above:

Rug right: Fancy Decor: Hallway Rug @Collabor88 Sept Pack **NEW**Thx♥

Rugs left: 34 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Old Rugs **NEW** @The Arcade Gacha

Paint Pot: Serenity Style - Gheos Paint Pot **NEW**Thx♥

Sprays. Serenity Style - Gheos Sprays **NEW**Thx♥

Spray Wall: Serenity Style - Gheos Lazy Wall **NEW**Thx♥

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