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When Fashion meets Art

May 09th till May 31st - 2014
                                                                                                                                                           When Fashion Meets Art.....
 One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art. - Oscar Wilde.    
A designer is an artist and the medium on which they work is clothing or accessories, just as the painter works uses canvas to portray his vision, the sculptor uses marble, clay or metal.

Designers and artists flirt ever closer with the idea that fashion is about much more than just dress and appearance.  Fashion can break all boundaries!  Wearers can be walking canvases! Clothes can be statements! In the tradition of art, fashion now bravely explores and portrays highly charged moments of emotion, romanticism, sexuality, modernism, history and culture

In May 2014 we challenge the designers of Second Life to design one exclusive piece that is inspired by a favourite artist, Choose - Sculpture, installation, design, drawing, painting. Whether it is Renaissance, Cubist, Post Modern, Pop Art, Impressionist. Show us how art has influenced your own creations.....  

Fair Motto:  "FASHIONART" When Fashion meets Art

Fair Date: May 09th till May 31st 2014

Application Deadline: April 18th 2014

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