**NEWS** EVENT**Jewelry & Accessory Expo

Dec 6th-21st, 2013
A good magician never reveals his secrets...until now....

Dear Designers,

Siren Productions would like to invite you to what is sure to be an amazing event full of mystery, magic, and astonishing tricks right before your very eyes. Coming December 6th-21st, 2013. Jewelry & Accessory Expo. This sensational 2 weeks of everything jewelry and accessory related is sure to be a hit with designers, shoppers, and bloggers alike. We hear so many requests from every corner of the grid to put together one of our top notch amazing events that celebrates the amazing jewelry and accessory designers in Second Life.

We open an invitation to jewelry, handbag, piercing, shoes, hats, and all manner of accessory designers to give a creative push to create new items for this unique event. As one of our amazing event designers you will create 2 new releases that will be released at specific dates during the course of the 2 week events through our specially created vendor for the event. In addition gachas have been extremely popular. Each designer will take a jewelry, handbag, shoe, or accessory and reinterpret it, recolor, and remake it to be a gacha. All of these releases will be present on the sim for the run of the event and then return to your store after the event is over.

Our goal is to bring events to often neglected areas such as menswear, home, poses, and now jewelry and accessories. We want to bring the best designers in jewelry and accessories to the attention of Second Life. We want them to create pieces that will make the audience ooh and ahh at all the amazing things our designers can do. We, Alon Alphaville and myself Lexie Jansma, look forward to speaking with all of you.

Lexie Jansma
Siren Productions Owner
Alon Alphaville
Siren Productions Co-Owner