EVENT - Excuse my French Hunt

This Hunt is dedicated to promoto french-speaking designers from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, … and show that they have talent !  Participating stores have been selected and invitated by our team, but if you want to apply, feel free to send a mail : excusemyfrenchhunt@gmail.com
Everyone can be a hunter ! All the gift are free to grab and both for men and women, so don’t hesitate to share the good deal around you. A list of stores and hints is available here, and you can join the Hunter Group Inworld !
(Be careful, give the exact position of the gifts in the group chat  is Forbidden ! )
This is the object you’ll be looking for :
Excuse my French Hunt is organized by Oursinette Bruun, Chloe Seljan, Jialia Resident & Loute Diesel