EVENT - 2nd Makeup & Tattoo Hunt

Dates: 1st - 31st July 
Blog: http://stuffmyinventoryhunts.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Theme: The theme for this hunt is 'Dark & Sinister'                             
Start Location: Here􀀂

Some of us LOVE Makeup & Tattoos (in SL and in RL) and here are just some of the reasons why:

* Make-up and tattoos can accentuate any outfit/ look and they allow you to express    yourself to the fullest in different and unusual ways.
* You can learn a lot about someone by the tattoos they have or the makeup they wear.
* It's fun to play around with makeup and create many different looks.
* Makeup is a form of art. Just as you can express yourself through the clothes you wear      and your hairstyle, you can do the same with makeup.
* It enhances our features, makes our eyes sparkle and makes our lips look snoggable

*reasons provided by shoppers, non SLers and me.

This hunt is to bring together some of the best makeup and tattoo artists in Second Life. If you're an addict to customizing your avatar, this is the best hunt for you.

For hints please go to the hunt blog http://stuffmyinventoryhunts.blogspot.co.uk/

Please join the inworld group for an exclusive gift from .Sleeping Koala. when the hunt starts!